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What a picture perfect marathon. We had a photo finish in catching our last and 493rd Pokemon. I can’t tell you how much excitement was flowing through the room. We are all proud to have raised over $18,000 for Ally’s House. We are about $1,000 short of $125,000 total raised for various causes.

Emails will be sent out shortly to those of you who won prizes :

  • Meowth hat and Pokemon Indigo League season 1: Redraw
  • Pokemon Diamond/Ho-oh plushie: Mike Furst
  • Pokemon Pearl/Turtwig plushie: Justin Felke
  • Pokemon Platinum/Palkia figurine: Ruju
  • Shiny Team: Redah Winsblow
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Peter T.
  • Pokemon Card collection: Stian Haugen
  • Heart Gold: Tom Katzman
  • Soul Silver: Chris Jolly
  • Drawing of Pokemon team of your choice, by Anatotitan: Nicholas Viola

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42 Responses to “All 493 Pokemon caught, over $18k raised for Ally’s House!”

  1. Pineconn says:

    Thanks for fixing my name. ;) (It wasn’t really a big deal to me anyway, I get it all the time.) :p

    Once again, thanks a ton for an amazing marathon! You guys should feel great about yourselves that you can put on such an entertaining show for a good cause. Here’s till 2010!

  2. acidtripz says:

    who won chuggaaconroys mask

  3. Jnooley says:

    Amazing job guys, can’t wait for March!

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  5. kimmodude says:

    Awesome. You guys are the best! :3

  6. Gengario says:

    That was such an epic marathon! Great job, guys!

  7. Tfirmin001 says:

    shame to see it go :( i misssed the last hour so i don’t know what happened unfortunatley

    did chuggaa ever take off the mask and will he be there next year?

  8. Me says:

    You couldn’t cought all Pokemon …
    some Pokemon were only avaible at special events!!!

    • MSico says:

      We caught them at those events!!!

      • Me says:

        at the moment are not any Arceus , Mew , Celebi , Deoxys ,Jirachi , Shaymin , Dakrai etc Event

        • MSico says:

          We showed the Gamestop/Toys R Us/Nintendo World Store events for all of those pokemon and did not cheat to get them. So at the end of the marathon we had all 493 without cheating. Or would you like to suggest another way to get them that isn’t cheating? Because that doesn’t exist.

  9. athusgorek says:

    they pre-loaded all event pokemon on the cartridges

  10. Me says:

    That isn’t an answer -.-

  11. Sillocaan says:

    they had DLC for some of them, from the japan release for heartgold. They also had DLC from the pokecenter in NY

  12. Me says:

    DLC ?