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Professor Layton overall has been a successful title in all regions. However the localization of the sequels has been a bit on the slow side , North Americans and Europeans are just getting their hands on the second entry in the series. Japan however is on the fourth entry, Professor Layton and the Flute of Malevolent Destiny, which is launching later this year in Japan.

During level 5′s recent keynote they announced a bonus game that is being put into the fourth entry, London Life. London Life is a RPG where you wander around London attempting to make people happy by finishing their quests. Despite being a bonus game, Level 5 said that it contains 100 hours worth of content. To top it all off the developer of the London Life is Brownie Brown, the team behind Mother 3.  There is no telling when or if the fourth game will ever get localized. But if the DS lives a long enough life and the series continues to sell well, it’s bound to make it over here at some point. Screen shots after the jump.

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Nintendo is constantly patenting new ideas, some see the light of day like Miyamoto’s Kind Code and others never appear again. Siliconera reported on one new patent to Nintendo’s ever growing list, a football controller.

The Wiimote is inserted into the football controller much like you do with the Mario Kart Wii Wheel. The football grip allows for realistic throwing which can calculate the angle and force of the the throw. It can also track motion for shifting left and right to dodge players and tracks  jogging arm motions for running.  Some of the pictures also show the addition of the Nun-chuck and Wii Motion Plus to improve sensitivity and the accuracy of the Wiimote’s gesture recognition. Other then that it is another attachment that will probably only be useful for a few games if it ever sees release. More images after the jump

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While the Wii has already been hit by a slew of on-rail shooters, Capcom is hoping there’s still room for Darkside Chronicles which will be infecting stores shelves November 17th.  If you pre-order at GameStop you can get your very own Zombie T-shirt, which allows you to pull the bottom over your head to give you a zombie face, absolutely free.

You can also grab the T-shirt over at Capcom’s Store.

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