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Tomorrow night I’ll be hosting TSG Community Night starting at 6pm central on I’ll be streaming Pokmon TCG Online  and playing/trading with the community. Everybody is welcome to join in and  play with me and other members of the community. The game is free to play and an official Nintendo game. You can download it here . Cya soon!



To try and promote more activity within our forums, we will be giving away 1 copy of either Pokemon X or Y. For every time you make a post or start a thread in the month of September you will get a ticket into the raffle. You can get a max of two tickets a day. This means you have a chance to get 60 tickets into the raffle since there are 30 days in September.

Each day post the amount of raffle tickets you acquired in this thread. So if tomorrow I made 2 posts in our forums, I would post in this thread, “today I should receive two raffle tickets.” I will be checking for authenticity so please do not cheat.

The winner will be announced Wednesday October 2.

Good luck everyone!!

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