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Remember the days when we would hear new and exciting music from video games? Games like Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and Crazy Taxi helped define not only our generation but the console generation. When we go look back and replay those games they call back times of arguments, frustration, but also fun…pure unadulterated fun. The issue with these games is the music only provided one isolated mood which stopped these games from being dynamic. Granted they weren’t designed to make you feel a connection to your character, but when I drive a taxi into the ocean and drown to death I expect The Offspring to fade out instead of blaring in my ear regardless like Bane from The Dark Night Rises.

Then along came GTA III, IV, and now V, with their massive music libraries where even the snobbiest music enthusiast can find something they enjoy. These games showed us just how big a role music can play in immersion and mood in a game. They should be held as the pinnacle of music in games.

Now for a few side notes: I’m strictly speaking about the implementation of musical artists in video games, not their score or original soundtrack.

The vast library of musical eclecticism comprised in GTA 5 is spread accross 240 songs, the playlist below holds 179 of those tracks:

WARNING: May contain inappropriate language.

If you want the complete listing check it out here:


Long time community member and game developer Sagema has a kickstarter that you guys might be interested in. Sagema has been working on his game Ithica since 1999 and now wants to take it to the next level.

“The game takes place on an alien world, an island. The name of the island is Ithica. It starts and it ends on Ithica. You play Fenril, the son of an archeologist Troy. Fenril visits after being away for 10 years. Upon arriving, he finds something has gone horribly wrong. Explore the island, and uncover mysteries of the past. Ithica’s being remade from its 1999 2d version in next gen 3d graphics, overhauled game play, new mini games, and original story.”

If you have any questions about his game, be sure to ask below and he will answer them. For more info, check out the link below!

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We all knew it was happening today. Nintendo has held a pre-recorded press conference starring Nintendo of America’s very own Reggie Fils-Aime. Among the many announcements, updates for the 3DS were revealed including Hulu Plus coming to 3DS, the ability to record 3D video using the Nintendo 3DS camera, street pass updates and more.

Nintendo seems to upping their attempts to bring different types of media to the 3DS which is great news for them, as they continue to catch up with Sony and Microsoft as far as non game uses of their systems go. What do you think about the announcements?

Check out the video for your self after the jump.

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