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Man, the third day of OILD and already we’ve done quite a bit! Notm put up an OILD 2011 page, we may get some remixes yet, and we made some new friends in the crew of Fantasy Kingdoms! So, what do you plan on doing to help promote? Let us know! Today’s level is one of the few featured levels from an arcade game. But man is it ever a fun one! It’s Crystal World, from Gradius 2!

Back before Blizzard created the PC gaming trifecta of World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft and revolutionized the industry as we know it, they were originally known as Silicon & Synapse. While most people are only familiar with Blizzards recent output (referring mainly to this decade), their time at S&S ended up producing some of the most notable games of that given era. While Rock n’ Roll Racing is widely considered to be a cult classic and Blackthorne is still noted to this day as an under-rated platformer, it was The Lost Vikings that make the studio notable for bring one of the most creative power houses of the 16-bit generation.

Ok, second day of Obligatory Ice Level Day, so let’s keep going! Don’t forget to spread the word about the Zelda marathon! Anyway, today we look at a level from a classic Playstation game from a well-loved franchise. It’s Icy Peak, from Spyro: Year of the Dragon!