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Hey guys, well I decided to finally finish uploading all the Route TSGs we have available to the Route TSG Youtube channel.

For those of you who don’t know what a Route TSG is, it’s basically a player recording their run of a game they played in a marathon while explaining why they chose to do certain things within the run. You can view it as a Let’s Play if you want, but it’s focused less on the tidbits about the game and more about the speed running aspect.

We have a couple Mega Man Route TSGs available if you want to watch them in preparation for the Mega Man marathon in March:

Route TSG Episode#4 – Mega Man 9 (Played by Oscar)

Route TSG Episode #6 – Mega Man X8 (Played by Kilgard)


That’s right we have another episode of Route TSG for you. This time it’s coming from Kilgard.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Route TSG and I hope that soon I can record my Minish Cap run…but enough about that on to Megaman X8!

Enjoy the videos after the break.

Oscar is a machine…first Megaman, now Metroid. Is there nothing this huggable mexican will not do for our entertainment? the long answer is No. I hear rumors of a video on youtube where he danced around shirtless to Spice Girls, but I digress.

Hope everyone enjoys watching Oscar dominate Metroid again.

One more part after the jump.

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