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TL;DW version–

1. Apologizes for the crap video/audio quality, having a lot of technical issues. Couldn’t get the darn Audio to Sync.

2. Make sure you’ve posted in Chase’s “I’m here, are you” thread:

3. Hope you enjoyed Marketing’s July Event: Summer Camp! Possible future summer event to come, pending clearance.

4. We have an event in September that you’ll be hearing more about, just watch the TSG News Forum for details! The general gist of it was the Summer Camp’s Talent show, with better prizes, and a lot more time to do so.

5. Oscar (FatMexicanGuy) has the Fantasy Football League:

6. January 2013: 3rd Annual Community Stream Month! Some new rules unfortunately but let me know if you’re interested. List for days will be posted on September 1st:

7. For those of you wondering why I make so many hand motions and whatnot. I’m an American Sign Language minor. It’s habit. #dealwithit <3

8. New addition to Marketing, Crysagee! Old news? Maybe.

If you’re thinking about maybe being interested about joining marketing, just slip me a PM. :D

9. Chase has a YouTube! Go subscribe to him. Check out this post for more info:

10. If you have suggestions with what to do with our Facebook and Twitter! Let me know! Throw me a PM.

11. Trying to be better about events during “Off-months” from marketing events. Hoping to execute a few from the Events Suggestions Box:


Lots of love, as always! Hope you all enjoyed your summer. :3 <3

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3 Responses to “CM Report IV: Revenge of Technology”

  1. thewowgamer says:

    crackin down on those no call no show streamers from the community month. ME GUSTA

  2. Ninja Monkey says:

    Summah ain’t ovah until August is done with gurl. I’m still chewin my summah gum!

  3. Gamer David says:

    YAAAAAAAY, MORE DASKI!!!!!!!! Well, it sounds like things are really picking up now, I hope to be involved with as much as I can.