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It’s almost here folks,  June 11th-18 starting at 6pm cst , our week long Mario marathon for ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment).
We will be playing nearly 40 Mario titles live here on our website,
The gameplay will be streamed with video commentary as well as chatroom so that viewers can interact with us and  each other.

Here’s video of a local news report on us to help give better insight on what exactly we do:

Donkey Kong champ Steve Wiebe will be participating in the marathon. As soon as we get appearance times, we will post them here.

Fangamer is once again supporting our cause with their upcoming shirt design “Pipe Vault”. During our Mother marathon for Susan G Komen, $1,800 was raised through their “Smaaaash” shirts.

Want to know what games will be played and when? We’ve made a detailed schedule that the viewers can follow. We will have to stick to our schedule closely.  If a game is not finished at the time it’s scheduled to end, we will  move on to whatever is scheduled. However, each night from Midnight-6am cst is “catchup time”. We will use this time to catch up on any games we did not finish and if we are all caught up you will see games like Mario Kart, Mario Party,Smash Brothers and other party games.

V.2 of the Mario Marathon schedule after the break! Minor changes are subject to change.

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84 Responses to “Mario Marathon details (updated)”

  1. poopy59 says:

    would any one tape this marathon 24/7

  2. poopy59 says:

    or youtube it

  3. UltimateVegetaLover says:

    Hey where is this event to be held. I heard it was in texas but where in texas? I would like to know as I live in texas and have assperger sydrome a form of autismn.

    • MSico says:

      It is going to be held right here, on the internet! :D

      • SparkzEX says:

        Well I live in Texas, in the DFW area, and I have asperger’s syndrome as well, and I would like to be there.

        But I get the feeling that it’s a PRIVATE area that’s only given out to the users who will be playing the games. Is that right? Probably. :U

        Well, darn.

  4. Tgman says:

    Am I the only one whose not getting the chat to work for them?

  5. Mark Vice says:

    I love it!

  6. Chris says:

    I’m sorry, but there’s a hell of a lot more than 40 Mario games.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Chris, nowhere did it say they were playing all of the Mario games. It reads “We will be playing nearly 40 Mario titles live here on our website”.

  8. pk1997 says:

    mario party mario party2 mario party3 mario party4 mario party5 mario party6 mario party7 mario party8 mario partyds