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Why stop with a girlfriend on Love Plus when you can get a wife? My Wife: A Bride Just for You will let you do just that.

In the Xbox 360 exclusive title (and probably Japanese exclusive title) players will be able to create their own custom wife. You can choose what she looks like, her voice, and her personality. Then you can start your newly wed life. At which point you start doing married couple things, like drinking orange juice out of the same cup!

But if you are playing both Love Plus and My Wife: A Bride Just for You, that means you are having an affair. Just make sure when you buy Natal that you don’t let it see you with a DS. She will always be watching… until she red rings.

Game of the Year 2010.

(Source: Siliconera)

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19 Responses to “Marry Your Xbox 360 in My Wife: A Bride Just for You”

  1. Skeletor1991 says:

    Thank god….JUST WHAT I NEEDED! My girlfriend of 7 months will just LOVE to play this with me.

  2. pikminsquad2148 says:

    Lol I am so getting a 360 just to play this.

  3. cow says:

    “She will always be watching… until she red rings.”


  4. Kairamek says:

    I wanted to make a “Wedding Ring is made of 18 karat Red” joke, but no…. Occulin had to done one better.

    • Oculin says:

      I like your joke better lol.

      I can imagine it already. A ring that is only 3/4ths red~.

  5. Kairamek says:

    *do one better* Typos make Kair angry.

  6. SonikkuMan says:

    lol. What’s with Japan and dating sims? This is the second of many I’ve seen on the 360.

  7. Luigi110 says:


  8. “Can’t get anyone to marry you? Neither can we! So we developed this game.” — [My Wife: A Bride Just for You]‘s developers.

  9. StopDropAndBear says:

    …why are they all schoolgirls.

  10. Minutes says:

    I must refrain from using a Billy May’s joke…>.>’

  11. GrimsChild says:

    The question is…

    Will it be region free?

  12. markus says:

    what will the age rating bee

  13. Marche100 says:

    This Just In: Japanese man who marries DS has affair with Xbox 360. Details at 11.