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I’ve had a bad week, so I’m going to do a me post time. A post for me, and maybe like two other people who care. XENOBLAD! Did you know Nintendo removed it from thier release list in North America? Back in November Nintendo removed the title, pretty much spelling the death of the localization.

Out of some miracle, the title has re-emerged. Unfortunately, not giving us anything else really new. The title is still listed under its previous name Monado: Beginning of the New World with a TBA date.

Strange that Nintendo would remove it and then place it back on the release list. Either way, it makes me happy. Maybe at E3! Me post time is over.

(Source: Siliconera)
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    I’m glad to hear that as well. =D

  5. Minutes says:

    Yeesh its back! Now I need The Last Story to be happy this year D<