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Do you envy PlayStation 3 owners and their HD remakes? If only you could play those games in a higher resolution with remastered textures! Well, 360 owners might be able to do that soon, thanks to Ubisoft!

The ESRB added Xbox 360 to the listing for Splinter Cell HD, Pandora Tomorrow HD, and Chaos Theory HD. The same goes for the Prince of Persia titles that have already hit PlayStation 3.

No other details have been confirmed, but ESRB listings are usually dead on. With the rumored Halo: Combat Evolved remake coming in November, this year might turn out to be a year of remastered titles on the 360.

Also, don’t forget Ubisoft is bringing Beyond Good and Evil to XBLA and PSN, also remastered for HD.

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*Some spoilers?*

Of all the things we loved about Assassin’s Creed 2, it’s Secret Locations were the ones I think everyone liked the most. So it’s not surprising that Brotherhood will contain 6 brand new locations for us to enjoy! Info after the jump.

If you live in Europe and are a Prince of Persia fan, you might want to prepare £29.99 for November 19th, as the PlayStation 2 Prince of Persia Trilogy is getting HDified. The title bumps the resoulution of all three titles to 720p, and adds in new textures, stereoscopic 3D, and normal mapping.

As of right now, the title is going to be only released in Europe. Thankfully, the PlayStation 3 is region free. So those outside of Europe always have the option of importing.

You can check out some screenshots after the jump.

(Source: Kotaku)

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I’ve been asked many times for the Fresh Prince of Persia video to be uploaded, and it’s finally here.

Many thanks go to Luigi110 for quickly writing up some lyrics and recording his vocals for me to put video to. It was fun making the video, and I’m glad so many people enjoyed watching it.


While it has taken some time, HD remakes seem to be catching on. As of right now, the only officially announced HD remakes on the way is the Sly Cooper HD remakes.

Ubisoft looks to be getting in on the fun though as Amazon France has two listings: one is Splinter Cell Trilogy and the other is Prince of Persia Trilogy. Both titles are listed for the PlayStation 3.

Of course, neither of these titles are officially confirmed. Seems a bit odd though. Splinter Cell: Conviction was a Xbox 360 exclusive but, if these listings are correct, the trilogy is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

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OH BOY IT IS A PICTURE AND IT MOVES!!! In honor of the PoP/AC marathon, here’s a VG Flash based loosely (VERY VERY VERY LOOSELY) on ancient Persian art. I actually feel obligated to apologize for this video; it was originally going to be much more elaborate, but I threw my back out on Monday and I’ve had to mostly stay in bed since :( When I wasn’t in bed I was WORKING THROUGH THE PAIN. ARGH. Anyway, video under the cut.